Hearing Aids That Go In The Mouth

This is not the first bone conduction hearing aid on the market, but the SoundBite is the first that does not require surgery, is easily removable, and you put it in your mouth.

How does it work? The device that is put in your mouth helps one hear through vibrations that is picked up by a microphone fitted in the “bad” ear. This gives the hearing aid user the sense that they can hear with both ears.

The SoundBite device is ideal for patients who are deaf in one ear. In other words, as long as one has near-normal hearing in one ear, and they don’t have bilateral or hearing loss in both ears, this will work.

In the U.S. alone, there are 36 million adults with some type of hearing loss.

Although SoundBite is FDA approved, it is not covered by all insurance companies, unfortunately.