Sudden Hearing Loss May Be Good

Contrary to popular belief, sudden and temporary hearing loss, especially after being exposed to loud noise, may be good and not necessarily bad or damaging. In fact, when sound levels rise, the cells in our cochlea releases the ATP hormone, which causes temporary reduction in hearing sensitivity. There has been cases where people lost their hearing for hours or days after going to a rock concert (are you one of them?), but that’s just the body’s way to cope with it loud music.

However, that’s not to say that you should constantly expose your ears to loud noise, because that would do no good and can result in irreversible and permanent damage.

“It’s like sun exposure,” said lead researcher Professor Housley. “It’s not the acute exposure, but the chronic exposure, that can cause problems years later.”

A popular case of sudden temporary hearing loss is that of rapper Foxy Brown’s. Apparently, she lost her hearing completely back in late 2005. It was so bad that she needed people to tap out beats on her shoulder when she was recording in the studio.

Eventually, Brown underwent surgery, and although she refused to reveal what the specifics of her hearing surgery and treatment were, she regained her hearing 100% after 6 months.

Has this happened to you before? If so, how long did it take before you regained your hearing?